Cyclamens in the Rocks
Fritillaria Carica in the Bulb Rockery
Fritillaria Purdyi
Tulipa 'Little Princess'
Lesley walking through the Bulb Rockery

Since the mid 90's Lesley has been obsessed with unusual small bulbs and through the years has grown many from overseas seed.
In 2006 the masses of foam boxes housing all the rare bulbs became too much for Amarlie and the bulb rockery was built.  Constructed with large stone and mulched with 7mm blue metal for improved drainage. The bulbs are also at a better height for visitors to appreciate the delicate flowers. With a large collection of rare Fritillaria's as well as Crocus, Colchicum, Lilium, Tecophilaea, Narcissus, species Gladiolus and many more make September - October a great time to see something unusual in flower.