Yellow Waratah
Fernery in November
Fernery in Febuary
Fernery in October
Sunset in the Fernery

The Fernery was originally planned to be a tennis court but after having the posts and netting for 10 years Amarlie and Lesley decided to turn it into a Fernery.  So in 1998 over a dozen unusual shaped man ferns (Dicksonia Antartica) the tallest being approx 15ft (5 metres) and also 120 tonnes of stone for the retaining walls were brought in off the farm.  Nietta comes in very handy for plenty of mossy stones.
Now the Fernery is filled with a mixture of natives and exotics, some of the favorites being Kay's rare Tasmanian yellow Waratah, pink flowering Leatherwood, native pepperberries and more.