Chloe in the Frits
Three shades of Fritillaria Meleagris
Fritillarias in Late September
The chequered nodding bells
More Frits
Fritillaria Medow in Late September

The Fritillaria Meadow was first inspired by a photo in one of Kay's many garden books.  Which was  Fritillaria Meleagris naturalised in a meadow in England.  In the mid 90's Amarlie and Lesley went through a seed collecting stage and found that Fritillaria Meleagris grew very easily from seed, especially sown fresh with a little mushroom compost.   It took many years but finally they had grown enough bulbs from seed to plant out our own Fritillaria Meadow.   The peak flowering time is from the last week of September to mid October.  They are a particularly beautiful flower with their purple and white checkered nodding bells.