Trilliums under the flowering cherry
Lesley in the trilliums

 One of the newest features in the garden is the Trillium Bed.  After waiting 8 years for these rare and fantastic rhizomes to flower from seed they finally bloomed for the first time in 2007. 
The surprising part about growing from seed is the variation in colour.  The parent plants  were either red or white(which were in the garden for many years) but the seedlings from these  original plants came in greens, yellows, red,white and every shade of pink.  Walking through the Trilliums Lesley counted 22 different colour and leaf variations.
Kay has been told they are the closest she's getting to grand children for a while!!.  Being a woodland plant native to America they do really well under the mature spreading branches of a Mt Fuji ornamental cherry, which covers itself with white flowers in early October at the same time as the Trillium's flower.