Vegetable Garden in January
Lesley & Amarlie working on the stone paths
Vegetable Garden (a work in progress)
Vegetable Garden
Lettuces in Febuary

For years Robert had worked the vegetable garden with a tractor, but in 1999 it was laid out with triangle beds and diagonal paths. This was done becauce no one wanted to pick 50ft long rows of peas and beans,the new small beds insured Robert planted little rows regularly, making it easier at harvest time.
The produce from the vegetable garden is used in the Lodge dining room, there is nothing like organic, freshly dug vegetables and fresh picked soft fruits.  Summer is the best time for the vegetable garden which is planted out with lettuce, peas, beans, potatoes, carrots, onions, strawberries, red currants, yosterberries, cabbage, silver beet, red beet and much more.
 In spring 2007 the girls began building stone paths for the vegetable garden. With 260 sq meters to do, they will put a large amount of stone to good use and make the garden easier to maintain.